Let’s Be Serious!

Fabricia_NascimentoThis is me! Nice to meet you!

I am Brazilian and I was born in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. By now I think I am a citizen of the world, I lived in many different cities in the USA, Australia, UK and Brazil.

In 2000 I finished my Bachelor of Microbiology and Immunology. After many years of Masters and Ph.D. studies, I would best define myself as an evolutionary biologist.

I study the evolution of many different organisms, including mammals, bacteria and viruses, by using their DNA sequences. My main goal is to understand why diversity is generated and why so many species are stable in their environments after millions of years.

After living in Australia for approximately 4 years to complete my Ph.D. degree, I returned to Brazil for 3 years and I developed research on biogeoraphic analysis of different species of mammals. In 2013, I started a postdoctoral fellow at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), Durham, NC, USA. I was working on the evolution of endogenous retroviruses (ERVs). In 2015, I was awarded a Newton International Fellowship by the Royal Society to continue my research on ERV evolution and replication at the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford. I am also constantly working on the evolution and geographic distribution of South American mammal species.

I am currently a Research Associate at the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College London working with Dr. Erik Volz on phylogenetics and epidemiology of HIV.

You can download my complete C.V. [here!].

Or you can access my complete list of publications [here!].

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