And I finally landed in the UK…

Last November I got very exciting news. I was awarded a Newton International Fellowship from the Royal Society and the British Academy. And all the new fellows became news.

It is a very prestigious fellowship for international early career researchers to develop their research in the UK for two years. I will be based at the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, and I will be hosted by Dr. Aris Katzourakis.


When I applied for the fellowship I did not have any idea of how prestigious it was. When reading their e-mail saying that I was successful I remember how happy I was (and I still am). I had been applying for many permanent positions and all of them were unsuccessful. It is a very frustrating feeling. You want to continue doing what you love: Research. However, the competition is so high that you are often left with the feeling of frustration. So that explains my happiness when I received that e-mail from the Royal Society. It is an independent fellowship, and for two years I will continue to develop my research on endogenous retroviruses. Alumni may be eligible to receive £6,000 per year for up to 10 years to support networking with scientists in the UK.


It has been nearly a month since I landed in the UK. After several weeks looking for a place to live (I never imagined that would be so difficult to find), I think now things are finally able to find its way. I am now settled in the lab, in my new office, and getting to know new people and researchers.

My new life in Oxford is just beginning and I hope that being in a prestigious university with a prestigious fellowship will open new opportunities for a permanent position in the future. Developing the research I love so much!

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